10 Useful Tips When Throwing an Outdoor Party at Home

ideas for backyard parties

Regardless if it’s held in your home’s backyard or in an airconditioned hotel function room, a party is always something fun to attend to. Surely, your guests will be excited to go. However, not all parties fall in the right place. It’s best if the party is not too wild to invite the cops

Outdoor Parties

Parties that are thrown in the backyard of the house, the garden of a hotel or by the pool may sometimes face unexpected disasters whether from bugs or from the weather. Of course, this usually only happens when the host is not really prepared or if the host’s foreseeability of possible party disasters was quite low. This exactly why we’ve decided to give you, party hosts, some essential tips for your future outdoor parties.

Useful Tips

  • Get rid of annoying insects.

Before the actual party day or night, make sure you debug the area. But if you don’t want to deal with pesticides in your yard, you may also get rid of insects (e.g. mosquitoes) by setting fans up for your guests. Another way is by providing each table with a candle that has been lit, this keeps bugs away.

  • Prepare the grass.

You don’t want your guests to be struggling with the tall weeds and grass in your yard and so, you should mow the lawn before the party.

  • Have a plan for rain.

Even weather forecasts are sometimes wrong; this is why it’s best to have rain plans. Setting up a tent that covers the area entirely is a good idea. You may also open doors for the guests if it rains cats and dogs.

  • Secure a good sound system.

Being outdoor means being in an open space; in this situation, a single bluetooth speaker won’t work. It would be best to secure some loud speakers and position it strategically around the place to ensure that all visitors are able to hear the music playing. However, do not raise the volume too high as it just might be too annoyingly loud.

lights for outdoor party

  • Light up.

Especially for parties that last or start during night time, having the right lights is essential. You do not want your guests to be left in the dark nor do you want them to stare at fluorescent lights. Make use of Christmas lights or better yet, set up some laser lights. Should you, as a host, or anyone try this laser light projector, just make sure it projects on the right areas such as a vacant wall or even the trees and plants. 

Not only will fans drive away flying bugs and insects, it will also help your guests stay cool. Of course, we do not want our guests dying in the heat and sweating profusely.

  • Organize the wires.

To avoid accidental lights out or music suddenly stopping, try your best to keep the wires in an area which is far from reach. Mostly, these wires end up spreading on the floor, it’s smart to keep them together in an isolated side of the ground.

  • Prepare extra seats, tables, utensils.

Just to make sure, it’s best to prepare extra everything for your guests. You never really know when they’ll bring their boyfriends, kids, cousins, etc. It would be rude to just drive them away.

  • Guide your guests with what to wear.

It’s wise to suggest the most appropriate attire possible for your guests. This way, they won’t be dressed in turtle necks on a hot summer day.

  • Make sure the inside of your house is clean.

Just because the party is outside does not mean no guests will come into your home. Since it’s better to be safe than sorry, make sure your house is spick and span especially the bathroom.

  • Prepare a generator just in case.

If it’s a big event with lots of lights and music going on, it’s best to prepare a generator. For some houses, power shortage occurs if everything is using the power supply all at once and in other cases, you just might be too unlucky that power problems just struck you out of nowhere; hence, a generator is your best friend.